Where does the future of IB stand?

Where does the future of IB stand?
Posted on 10/08/2019

The Patrick Henry IB program has a problem. For the graduating class of 2021 (juniors), there are only four diploma candidates, but in the 2020 graduating class (seniors), there are fourteen. The new IB Coordinator, Mrs. Lindemann, believes she knows how to make things better.

The first of her objectives is to fix the image of the IB program with underclassman. Poor understanding of the program led to this drop in attendance, according to her. One of the biggest causes of this occurs when IB candidates are stressed about deadlines which were poorly communicated to them. This leads to the second of her objectives, which is to have better communication, both with candidates and teachers. Previously, poor communication and understanding has led to students making the wrong choices on whether or not to take an IB class.

Additionally, one of the primary reasons for the IB program’s recent shortcomings has to do with the revolving door of IB coordinators over the past few years. Without stability in the position which fundamentally controls the entirety of the program, it becomes evident as to why their might be a decrease in the number of IB candidates. Despite this uneasy history for the position in recent times, the newest addition, Mrs. Lindemann, presents a bright future for the program as a whole. Devoted to bringing the program back to its former glory, she promises the stability necessary to satisfy future candidates interested in pursuing the highest academic honor possible at Patrick Henry.

IB is an undeniably difficult program, and it becomes easy with the weight of coursework to forget about the end goal. Overwhelmed with the many upper level classes, alongside the external assessment, candidates often say things not truly meant due to pressure. Mrs Lindemann plans to curb this by reestablishing the fundamentals of the IB program and personally meeting with candidates over their custom issues. The IB program acts as a stepping stone to a student’s future, separating them from the rest of their class with coursework that creates intelligent and compassionate individuals.

Regardless of all this, the most important factor is individual goals. If, as a student, you prefer freedom and more personal responsibility, then IB courses are for you. Sometimes it is better to just take a few IB courses in areas that you are really interested in. The biggest piece of advice, though, is doing what is best for you.

Ryan Winegardner, Opinion Editor

Kiefer Fallin, News Editor

Mason Gelletly, Graphic Design Editor

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