SODA and 7th UP

SODA members teach lessons to 4th graders on defining self worth, healthy friendships, practicing conflict resolution, communication skills, discovering how media can impact our choices and perceptions, and learning skills that assist them in resisting drugs. Outlines are provided for lessons but groups are in charge of creating lesson plans.

7th UP members teach 7th and 8th grade lessons at your feeder middle school sharing information about impacts of drugs, finding natural highs, and refusal skills. You are required to participate in at least four volunteer activities throughout the year.

Although it is possible to be chosen for both programs, it is unlikely. Unless you are equally interested in both programs, please apply to the one that fits your interests and strengths the best. 

The following criteria are needed to apply for SODA and 7th UP:

  • Applications are open to all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students.
  • Recommendations from all of your current teachers. Recommendations are not disclosed to you.
  • Grades and attendance will be verified through PowerSchool. A discipline check will also be performed. Applicants with a history of discipline issues will not be considered.

Once the application deadline has passed, all applications and recommendations will be reviewed. Applicants who move to the next round will be asked to interview. Upon the completion of the interviews, the final SODA and 7th Up teams for the following school year shall be determined.

SODA and 7th UP are not clubs. They are extra-curricular responsibilities that require planning and preparation. As a member of one of these organizations, you have a responsibility to your fellow members and to your elementary and/or middle school students. Good preparation for lessons can only happen when you attend regular meetings. Therefore, attendance at SODA and/or 7th UP meetings is mandatory. Be prompt at all meetings. 

  • Field trips and athletics games/matches during a meeting time are excused absences. However, you must inform your sponsor in advance.
  • Athletes and members of other clubs/activities are required to attend the entire meeting before leaving for practices or other meetings/events.
  • If you must be absent from a student team meeting, you must call and inform your group before the meeting and notify one of the sponsors and captain (if applicable) as soon as possible.
  • One unexcused absence from regular meetings could result in inability to participate in future school visits. More than three absences a semester may result in you needing to resign.
  • Attending school visits is an expectation. The sponsors at each school will specify what actions you need to take if there is ever a conflict. 
  • If you have a job, inform your employer of your responsibilities and time commitments. A job/work schedule is not an acceptable excuse for missing meetings and/or school visits. 
  • Illnesses that can be verified by a parent or doctor’s note will be excused. However, if you are in school you are expected to attend meetings and/or school visits. Doctor’s appointments are unexcused absences and should be scheduled around meetings and events.

If you have any questions or concerns about these attendance responsibilities, please talk with a sponsor immediately, and please discuss these attendance policies with your parents.

SODA and 7th UP both require you to miss time in the classroom. Therefore, it is important that you are able to keep your grades up, even when you have to miss class. In order to ensure that your education comes first, the following grade regulations must be enforced:

  • Students will earn no more than two C’s per marking period and zero D’s or F’s.
  • Sponsors will check grades every quarter. However, students who are performing poorly are expected to let their sponsors know as soon as there is an issue.
  • Students who earn more than two C’s or any D’s or F’s on a report card will not participate in school visits until grades improve. The sponsors will re-check grades at the interim. If grades improve, the student will resume visits. A failure to improve grades will result in no participation in school visits. Grades will be checked at interim and report cards.

If you have any questions or concerns about these grade regulations, please talk with a sponsor immediately, and please discuss these grade regulations with your parents.


Mr. Farrar, SODA
Ms. Parramore, SODA
Ms. Sterling, 7th UP
Mrs. Edwards, 7th UP
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