New Year, New Auditorium by Cassidy Craven

New Year, New Auditorium by Cassidy Craven
Posted on 10/28/2018

The arrival of a new school year brings many things, such as new students, new teachers, new rules, and even new building updates. For sophomores, juniors, and seniors returning to high school, you may have noticed some completely new changes here at Patrick Henry. One of the biggest and most long-awaited changes happening this year is the construction of a new and improved auditorium. Complete with new seating, a flawless stage, and a ceiling that will leave you in aw, this new auditorium will be a total 180 from its former state. The look and feel of the new cutting-edge auditorium will leave you undoubtedly impressed. With access to these updates, this has left a large portion of the student body anticipating its opening. Students that are active in theater are especially excited for the big debut.

Makaila Henderson, who is a sophomore and an active participant in theater here at PH, shared her thoughts on the project. “I’m excited for it to be brand new. I think it will be cool to have an upgrade,” she stated. Even though she is excited about the upgrade, she still has a soft side for the old auditorium. “I’ll miss the memories that we made. We had the musical in there last year, and I was apart of it,” she said. Elena Haley, who is also an active participant in theater, shared her thoughts on the old auditorium as well. “The oldness of it gave it a lot of character. I feel like it had more personality because it had been through so much,” she explained. 

By hearing their thoughts, we are able to see just how much the auditorium means to them. Not only has it affected them, but it has affected everyone in the school. The auditorium has allowed us to have plays, assemblies, meetings, and ceremonies that many students have participated in. We hope that the new auditorium allows us to make new memories and achieve new opportunities this school year.

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